Influence politicians with collective calling

Create shareable campaigns that allow supporters to call their reps in just a few taps.



Supporters enter their address, and we automatically find their reps (and contact info) for them.



Individuals calls to reps are ineffective. But when multiple constituents call about the same thing, they pay attention.



Our analytics tools allow you to track your campaign's performance. Use this data to measure impact, prove support on issues, and inform future action.

Create A Campaign In Minutes

Create A Campaign In Minutes

Give your campaign a title, description, and write talking points to help your supporters stay on message.

Collective Action with Impact

Collective Action with Impact

Check out an example of what you can create.


Thomas Jefferson once said "that government is the strongest of which every man feels himself a part." We built LobbyForMe to help give the people a greater voice in our democracy. It is brought to you by Ben Koren, Todd O'Brien, Andrew Vilchez, Dominique DiDonato, and Danielle Tremonte.


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